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Arriving by car

  Porto is located in the north coast of Portugal and is served by a good road infrastructure.

  To the north is served by highway A3, which goes until Spain, near Vigo. To the east is A4, that end in Amarante, where it encounters IP4, that enters Spain (near Zamora).
Finally, to the south is A1, Portugal's main highway, which goes to Lisbon.

   When you arrive at Porto, you will reach a "circular" road named VCI that surrounds Porto. The best path to arrive at the hotel is to take the exit named "Campo Alegre", and follow the directions in the map. See maps section for a more detailed map.


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Arriving by plane

  Porto is served by Francisco Sá Carneiro International Airport, that is +/- 10 Km away from the city.

  There exists a bus route, called AeroBus, providing a fast connection between the airport and the city's leading hotels and downtown Porto, including of course the Tuela Porto and Fenix Porto Hotels. The AeroBus leaves every 30m (from 7am to 7pm) and it costs 2,49 euros. For more information (timetables, etc) visit the AeroBus Web Site.

  Other alternative is to use a taxi. From the airport to the hotel the price should be around 13 euros.

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Arriving by train

  Porto's main international station is named Campanhã.

  You have daily trains going to Vigo and Lisbon (where you can catch a train to Madrid). See the Portuguese Railways site for more information.

  From there you also have buses (the local company is called STCP) that pass near the Hotels. You can catch the line 34 (see its route), and exit at the end of the line, or the line 35 (see its route) and exit at "Junta".
The price of the ticket is 0,50 euros if prepaid and 1,00 euros if bought on the bus.

Other alternative is to use a taxi. From the train station to the hotel the price should be around 8 euros.

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  Here you can download a detailed map of Porto, where you can find all places related to SWERC 2002 (like the contest site and the hotels).

Download detailed map (3528x1708 - 1,23Mb)

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  In case you need to catch a taxi, or just need to ask for direction, here are the addresses of the Contest Site, Dinner Site and the hotels:

Faculdade de Engenharia da Universidade do Porto
Rua Dr. Roberto Frias (no number)
4200-465 Porto
Phone nr: +351 22 508 14 00

Ipanema Porto Hotel
Rua do Campo Alegre, 156
4150 Porto
Phone nr: +351 22 607 50 59

Tuela Porto Hotel (3*)
Rua Arq. Marques da Silva, Nº200
4150 Porto
Phone nr: +351 22 600 47 47

Fénix Porto Hotel (4*)
Rua Gonçalo Sampaio, Nº 282
1269 - 133 Porto
Phone nr: +351 22 607 18 00

Note: even if the adresses are different, the two hotels are side by side.

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