Contest Information

Computer Environment

At the contest, all teams will have a similar working environment.

Hardware: The keyboards will have Portuguese (Portugal) layout, but teams may bring their own USB-keyboard. You have to turn in keyboards at registration on Saturday. Please mark your keyboard with your team name and institution.

Operating System: Linux Fedora 20.0 distribution.


  • Browsers: Mozilla, Chrome
  • IDEs: Eclipse, Code::Blocks, Kate
  • Editors: Emacs/XEmacs, Vim-X11, Gedit, Geany, SublimeText3
  • Compilers:
    • gcc 4.8.3
    • g++ 4.8.3
    • javac 1.7u71
  • Debuggers: gdb, ddd.
  • Other: Python (not as submission language)

Team's machines and the Contest servers are configured with the same versions of OS and compilers. You can download an image of our installation with everything being the same except for network security constraints (compressed 7.6GB; uncompressed 20GB):

If you need any other software, do not hesitate and contact the Regional Director early enough.

The computers will have restricted Internet access, but you can connect to our servers in order to submit your programs.

The compilation command lines used in the automated judge system are the following (the alias command will be available in teams machines):

Lang Compiler Command Alias
C gcc gcc -w -O2 -pipe -std=gnu99 $SOURCE -lm mygcc
C++ g++ g++ -w -O2 -pipe -std=gnu++0x $SOURCE myg++
Java Oracle JDK javac -encoding utf8 -classpath . $SOURCE myjavac

Judging: Mooshak

For judging, we are using the Mooshak automatic judge. The manual is available in a link from the page for login into the virtual server. Please, interact with the virtual server in order to get used with Mooshak.

Once you have made a submission, you will see the judgment in a short while, produced by an automatic validator. Most of the time the human judge simply confirms the result of the validator. But problems may arise unexpectedly, such as a system resource failure, a mistake in a test case, etc. In those cases the final result of the judgment can take a little longer.

You will be able to send clarification to judges, which will be answered in a timely manner.


During the contest, teams will have access to the Mooshak, STL and JDK documentation. Links to STL and JDK will be provided in the browser. Additionally, linux man pages are installed.