Registration Dates and Fees

The registration period is up to November 7th, 2014.

The registration fee is 55€ per contestant or guest. Fees cover contest participation, shirts, food for the contest weekend (without breakfast) and contest kits.

Coaches do not pay a registration fee; only contestants and guests must pay.

Team Registration Steps

  1. (Eligibility) Check eligibility first; your university has to be in the SWERC region and all team members have to fulfill the requirements of the eligibility diagram as stated in the Regulation's section.

  2. (Registration) Register as coach at and register your team(s) for SWERC 2014.

  3. (Confirmation) Fill in the invoice/receipt data form so that we can connect your registrations and payment. Payments must be made in euros by bank transfer prior to the event following the instructions you will receive once the form is filled.


You will have to do the hotel reservations on your own. We do however suggest the following hotels, which are reasonably priced and at a 10 minute walk from the contest venue:

At the location page you can find a map with the locations of the venue and the suggested hotels.