Invited Talks

Augmented reality driving supported by vehicular ad hoc networking

by Michel Ferreira (CS Dep. / University of Porto, School of Sciences)

Abstract: The confined space of a car and the configuration of its controls and displays towards the driver, offer significant advantages for Augmented Reality (AR) systems in terms of the immersion level provided to the user. In addition, the inherent mobility and virtually unlimited power autonomy transform cars into perfect mobile computing platforms. However, the limited network connectivity that is currently available in automobiles leads to the design of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS) that create AR objects based only on the information generated by on-board sensors, stored maps and databases, and eventually high-latency online content for Internet-enabled vehicles. By combining the new paradigm of Vehicular Ad Hoc Networking (VANET) with AR human machine interfaces, we show that it is possible to design novel cooperative ADAS, that base the creation of AR content on the information collected from neighbouring vehicles or roadside infrastructures. We provide concrete examples and prototype implementations of both acoustic and visual AR systems that can significantly improve the driving experience.

Short Bio: Michel Ferreira is an Assistant Professor at the Computer Science Department at the School of Sciences of the University of Porto. He is a researcher at Telecommunications Institute in Porto where he leads the Geo-Networks group. He is also the co-founder of Geolink a technology-based company specialized in the optimization of vehicular mobility.
Currently, his research interests are in the area of Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS), with emphasis on Cooperative ITS, Vehicular Ad Hoc Networks (VANET), mobility simulation and spatio-deductive databases. In recent years, he has raised over 2 million Euros in competitive projects funding.

Microsoft Tech Talk - Open Microsoft

by André Rodrigues (Microsoft)

Abstract: In this presentation, we will be looking at how computing is evolving from a mostly on premises world to a hybrid or cloud only one where a variety of devices – from computers, to tablets, phones and even cars – rely on the cloud to connect with each other. We’ll also be covering open source, how it relates to the cloud, and how Microsoft has long been evolving and embracing, adopting and promoting it.

Short Bio: Andre Rodrigues is an experienced Software Engineer born in the small Portuguese city of Coimbra. Currently working for Microsoft, he has worked in a variety of projects in Copenhagen, Denmark; Redmond, United States and currently out of Lisbon, Portugal. At the moment, he works for the Microsoft Azure team, in particular, in the developer experience one. This is the team that builds the technologies that allow developers to interact with the different services available. In particular: the Microsoft Azure SDKs, Cross Platform CLIs and PowerShell commandlets.
Previously, he has worked in the orchard project and the Microsoft Dynamics AX ERP product as well as contributed to a variety of OSS products. Andre is an alumnus of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto in Portugal and can be found on twitter at @andremrodrigues.