Online Public Contest

Date of the contest:17/11/2002
Start Time:10:00 GMT
End Time:15:00 GMT
Number of Problems:9
Languages Allowed:C, C++, Java, Pascal


   If you like programming, and you know ACM style contests, participate! If you are participating in other ACM contests, this will be a good opportunity to practice. You will have the chance to compare yourself with the qualifyable teams participating in the contest (but they won't be able to see the public classification and submissions).

How to participate?

1) Register for SWERC'2002 public contest

You will only need a valid e-mail, waiting 1 or 2 minutes to receive your password
The registration opens Saturday (the 16th) at 18:00 GMT, but you can still register on Sunday even during the contest.

2) Participate SWERC'2002 public contest

On the day and time of the contest, go to the contestant page entering your login and password
You wil now have access to the Mooshak judging system, a software application developed at the Computer Science Department of University of Porto. This software is web-based and behaves as a full contest manager as well as an automatic judge for contests. There you will be able to:

  • visualize the problems descriptions;
  • load a source program and submit it as an intended solution for a given problem;
  • check the result of your submissions;
  • ask questions to the judges;
  • read a FAQ page with answers to common questions;
  • access to the full list of questions and corresponding answers from the judges;
  • access the list of submissions that have been made since the beginning of the contest;
  • access the current classification.

3) Classification of SWERC'2002 public contest

During and after the contest, you can check the classification of all teams (qualifiable and others).